Dreamcast Wireless Receiver


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  • [ARCADE1UP] Specially designed for Arcade1Up Cabinet. Play Genesis games on Arcade1Up Cabinet. Easy install, instructional manual inside. Plug the cartridge and enjoy the classic Genesis games. Also includes 12 replaceable face plates with different game elements
  • [Arcade1up & Genesis] Just install the fighting stick on the cabinet, plug the Genesis cartridge in the slot and play. No need for the Genesis console. It itself is a Genesis Console!
  • [Work Directly as a Genesis] The fighting stick is actually a Genesis console and two Genesis controllers. You can also connect it directly to the modern TV with the HDMI cable. Plug your cartridge, power it on and enjoy. A replacement for your old Sega Genesis Model 1 / 2 / 3, Original Sega Master System Console
  • [Make Specific Cabinet Compatible with Fighting Stick by an Extra Mount] Need to buy an Intec Gaming Monitor Mount for specific model of Arcade1Up Cabinet. Support for Centipede Arcade Machine/for Galaga Arcade Machine/for PAC–MAN Arcade Machine. You can find it on Amazon.


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